Alive today

If you can read this post, that means you are still alive today. You are still on your journey on this earth and it’s a privilege.

Rejoice because others did not take the time to appreciate what they had and missed out so much.

Fiction or reality?

Most of you if not all of you know about the movie “Matrix”. What an amazing movie! On one side you have men and women living in a real world (at least real for them) but in fact it’s a prison. The matrix.
On the other side you have a group of rebels who knows the truth about this prison are fighting their lives to break the matrix.

They former were living smooth lives, in a “normal” world where good was still dominating evil. They were living lives where people were conditioned. Once born, you go to school, find a job, get married, have kids, get retired then to go to the grave. In the matrix, life was not perfect but there was no other choice.

The Digger 2/2

His clothes were covered with dirt. At the beginning he was cautious trying not to hurt himself, but two hours later, he had forgotten about himself and his only focus was the source.

The Digger 1/2

As the day were passing, the digger was hearing this noise louder and louder even when he was not listening. He went into his backyard garden and the noise was louder. He knew he was coming closer, he got a pick, a shovel and began to dig.