At the heart

I dreamt about a crowd of people looking for something As they could not find, they were at the point of giving inIt was a place with a weird outward appearance,But the inside was full of joy and assurance« Lord« , were they shouting, « Lord until when!! »At their looks you could swear they were trapped in this den.Their cry would pierce at the core of your beingBut their … Continuer de lire At the heart

Deep Meaning

What jumps to the eyes is often only a small part of the messageThere is always greater meaning hidden behind the things we do, the words we speakAs long as your heart bumps, you will need to use your faith but also your courageTo express and release the deep things you try to keep Be released today. guiYome 🙂A son of the Most High Continuer de lire Deep Meaning

You can

You can start this minute sad and finish it happy
But time… is unable to change who you are

You can feel a little down or walk a bit grumpy
But emotions cannot make you deny who you are

You can think you have failed, have lost time and money
But thoughts cannot even affect who you are
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Practice the art of waiting my friend,
Abort the thoughts which tell you to rush
The flow of hastiness in you must end
If you want to enjoy peace and not blush.
Endure the trials, as they will make you grow
Negate quick decisions, made out of fear
Concentrate on Jesus so you do not blow
Embrace the patience and you will see clear.

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Dividing wall

Once upon a time a Creator with his creature Were living peaceful life in a wonderful nature Joy and love were flowing out of their relationship There was only one rule to maintain their good fellowship Soon, the creature began to doubt An evil thought came to his mind Made him think that he was blind He thought that something was missing out Knowledge to … Continuer de lire Dividing wall