The dog 1/2

I was tired of running away, tired of being bullied, tired of being afraid and I had made up my mind just on that morning.
I said to myself: “I’ll fight this dog! He might bite me again but I’ll hit him hard too, because this must stop now.”

Maria’s Auntie

The Lord’s agents I was born again and so delighted! My girlfriend came back to the Lord as well and we got married two months after our repentance. I was then a child of God but also a husband. A few months later I felt the need to make some progress in my career so […]

Mighty woman

In the Spirit I  met Sister Donia during my Pentecostal experience and I am so glad The Lord brought her in my life. She is an old widow from Africa, living with her son and her niece. She spends all her time in the scriptures, in prayer and in fasting, trusting the Lord for every single […]

Spiritual Dominates Material

My car key obeyed I took my 18 years old Renault Clio to MOT last month and after a few repairs, it passed fine after the retest. I thought that I was sorted for 12 months when realized that the car was shaking when I go over 30 m/h. I took it to my mechanic […]

Second attempt

All about persistence In April 2017, I began to feel the desire to put myself available for the Lord again. I knew I had done it before and it had not worked out as I was expecting. But I also knew that I had learned humility and I was willing to learn more with the […]

Shame then Glory

Nothing is wasted In March 2015, I was listening to some tapes of Charles Finlay about revival and I began to feel an urge to put myself available for God. I was still working at the Law firm where I met Fermina but I knew that when the Lord calls you, he takes care of you. […]

Pentecostal Experience

Spirit and Works One day, my wife handed to me a leaflet for a Christian concert with rap music, reggae and so on. I was not deeply moved to go as I still had painful memories regarding Rap with Christ. For some reason she was insisting that I should go as I would like it. […]


She was called In May 2013 I started a new job in a Law firm as an IT Analyst. I had spent 11 months in a call center and the Lord had opened the door for a better job with a better salary and more than that! This new job was really challenging as I […]

Trusting for finances

Giving to the Lord In June 2013, I made a step of faith in the area of finances. This changed my way of thinking and my approach when it comes to finances. I remember hearing my pastor preaching on tithing and that was quite new for me. I was born in the spirit in a […]

Methodist friends

Next to the house I was saved in the Baptist Church in 2002 but since I was baptised in the Spirit in January 2012, denomination was not an issue for me. I was more interested in hearing from the Lord and go wherever he would send me and do whatever he would like me to […]

Crossed the Channel

All was planned I had been in Northern Ireland for 6 months on my own and my wife and the kids were supposed to join me for good in January 2013. Before this they came for a taste of Belfast during the Christmas period. They enjoyed the city and my Methodist friends. After new year’s […]

In a dream

Very specific! On 23rd February 2012, I was going to meet my cousin as he was going to introduce me to a friend of his who was selling a car. That was a Ford Mondeo and the price was really low. I had a Citroen Xantia before which had given me a lot of headaches […]

Rap with Christ

Unfinished work! When I was in the Caribbean, with my friend and two other members we started a rap band called “Warriors”. Norbert was the one introducing us to this type of music. I then discovered the Wu Tang Clan, Killah Priest, Killarmy and some French rappers also like IAM, NTM, Oxmo Puccino, Arsenik and so […]

Spirit Baptism in 2012

A special day This 19th January 2012 around 3pm was definitely a big turn in my journey on Earth as I began to walk in the power of my heavenly Father. A few months earlier the Lord had arranged for me to make contact with my friend Norbert that I had not seen for 7 […]

Lesson of forgiveness

It was hidden! I had a “friend” that I will call Giovanni for confidentiality purposes. We went to school together for three years in the Caribbean and we used to mess around together. I mean, a lot! Like every human being my natural tendency was to do evil and Giovanni was helping me to translate this natural […]

Number 11

Darkness before light The year 2011 was full of important events for me. My wife became pregnant early in February which  was a good news!!! I was praying the Lord for a boy as we already had a five years old girl; but I was quite flexible and would be happy whatever gender it was […]

Holy meetings

We started well Once I was born again, I had a strong desire to be with believers, to talk about scriptures and pray in a corporate way. What I was doing in church was not enough for me. And my best friend Norbert had given his life to the Lord around the same period and […]

Bad company corrupts

So subtle! I experienced that one too and I know it’s true. In 2007, I successfully applied for a career break and, leaving wife and daughter in France, I went to London for 9 months to learn English. In France, after a certain number of years in the same company (5 years minimum), you can […]

Water Baptism in 2003

Inside and outside water It took us almost one year to be water baptised after our conversion, my wife and I. We were saved in a Baptist church, North of Paris and we attended a few meetings with the pastor so we can fully understand the implications of the water baptism. I really enjoyed this […]

Born in the Spirit in 2002

Filled with emptiness August 1999, I moved to Paris from the Caribbean to start a new life! I was supposed to go to Uni to study IT Software Engineering but for some reason, I felt tired of studying. My brother was working in an IT company providing services to a very famous French bank and they […]

Move to France in 1999

All good France hosted and won the football world cup in the summer 1998 and almost the whole country (The Caribbean included) became united like one man. One year later everybody was talking about this as is if had happened the week end before. I was a big football fan and I too had a tape record […]

Shaken by death in 1989

So unexpected! Life was going on for my family and for I like for anybody else. Two of my elder sisters had already left the nest. They went to live in France. Dad was working as a painter and mum as a housekeeper. Both of them working for the same company. One weekend they decided to take […]

Born in the flesh in 1979

Nothing happens by accident The Lord had decided that I was going to come to the Earth on the 9 January 1979 around 10 am and guess what ?? It happened just as he had decided. That was the beginning of my journey on Earth, in this world. I am very thankful to the Lord for allowing me […]