Crossed the Channel

All was planned I had been in Northern Ireland for 6 months on my own and my wife and the kids were supposed to join me for good in January 2013. Before this they came for a taste of Belfast during the Christmas period. They enjoyed the city and my Methodist friends. After new year’s […]

Change of direction

Welcome to NI! When I left my job after twelve years in October 2011, I had in mind to be very much involved in the music ministry for Christ. We were about the release an album when everything collapsed. See the post Rap with Christ. Then the Lord spoke to me in a Dream in February […]

Bad company corrupts

So subtle! I experienced that one too and I know it’s true. In 2007, I successfully applied for a career break and, leaving wife and daughter in France, I went to London for 9 months to learn English. In France, after a certain number of years in the same company (5 years minimum), you can […]

Move to France in 1999

All good France hosted and won the football world cup in the summer 1998 and almost the whole country (The Caribbean included) became united like one man. One year later everybody was talking about this as is if had happened the week end before. I was a big football fan and I too had a tape record […]