Feeling condemned?

The keyword that will lead you to a breakthrough is in the title. It’s “Feeling”.Some people carry with a sense of condemnation following some bad choices they made. The problem is not “the bad” choice although it can have some serious consequences: broken relationships, debts, job loss, and so on. Who has never made a […]

The bus

This morning I’m on the bus for a change, going to work and I’m really enjoying it.
Usually, when I drive, I have to be careful with many things: traffic lights, pedestrians, speed limits, and so on. When I drive I have to be alert and it could be stressful….

Being at rest

In your word A single day in your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else! Psalm 84:10 I want to encourage you tonight. And my hope is that the words that you are going to hear will minister to you. We cannot live without words because life has been created by the Word and […]