My Manifesto

My Manifesto is a 3 Steps life method that I called the PRO Method.

1) Acknowledge the Problem
2) Take a Risk
3) Focus on the Outcome


As we journey on earth, it won’t be long before we realize that we are constantly challenged by problems to solve.

Many see problems as burdens when they are opportunities given to us so we can rise above them and therefore, grow.

Abraham could not have a child, Moses was stuck in front of the Red Sea, David was challenged by the lion and the bear, Rahab was in a great dilemma, and so on.

You will always have a Problem to solve and that’s life.


Some try to avoid problems, others choose to ignore them but the best way to deal with a problem has always been to take a risk, trusting God. This is where many fail because of the fear of failure. All the heroes in the bible had to take risks in some shape or form.

Abraham left his kindred without knowing where he was going, Moses went back to Egypt after 40 years and challenged Pharaoh. David dared to chase a lion and a bear, then he confronted Goliath, Rahab hid two spies on her roof risking her own life.

There is no faith without a Risk. This is a law and God will not change it for you.


Once the decision has been made, once you have chosen to take a risk to solve the problem, it will be important to focus on the positive outcome. Some problems are longer to solve than others, this is where a larger vision is needed.

Abraham eventually had a child even late, Moses eventually crossed the Red Sea miraculously, David killed the lion, the bear, and Goliath, Rahab saved her own life and her family.

The ultimate positive outcome is:

“Regardless of the facts, God is always with us, not against us. We are always on the winning side.”

You cannot lose when you have already won. Be at rest, your Outcome is in sure hands and the Lord will reward your faith.