My Manifesto

My Manifesto is a 3 Steps life method that I called the BAO Method.

1) Believe this can happen
2) Act upon it
3) Overcome fear


Believing is the starting point. Everything we do in our life is a consequence of what we believe deep down.

Do you believe deep down that this can happen? Faith comes by hearing and hearing the testimony of people who succeeded by believing will help you to believe.

The bible if full of those people. Abraham believed he could have a child even though, Sarah was barren and even though her womb was dead. David believed he could destroy Goliath. Moses believed God would make a way for the Israelites front of the Red Sea.

You need to believe that all things are possible to whom believes.


Once you made up your mind on the outcome you want to see, you need to act upon it.

The bible teaches in James 2:26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”
Basically you need to do something in line of what you believe. Believing alone is not enough.

Faith = Believing
Act = Works

You need both to make it happen.

James 2:14 to 26 gives us a very good picture as how faith cannot work without works. Read it for yourself.


Fear is an element that is very present in our lives from birth. Without knowing, our parents have passed to us, the fear that was passed on from their parents. This tool its origin in the garden of Eden when Adam.

Adam answered “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” Genesis 3.10.

You need to know that as soon as you will make up your mind to believe in something and to act upon, fear will try to stop you.

You can and you need to overcome fear so you can keep believing.

You will need to be persistent in overcoming fear again and again until what you believe in comes to pass.

Daniel overcame fear and continue to act upon his faith. He continued to pray even though there was a law against worshipping. He overcame the fear of being thrown in the lion’s den and had the victory..