Could He be found today ?
f course he can be found. He has always been there.
ature talks about him all the time.
Vowels and consonants will lead you to Him.
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You can

You can start this minute sad and finish it happy
But time… is unable to change who you are

You can feel a little down or walk a bit grumpy
But emotions cannot make you deny who you are

You can think you have failed, have lost time and money
But thoughts cannot even affect who you are
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Practice the art of waiting my friend,
Abort the thoughts which tell you to rush
The flow of hastiness in you must end
If you want to enjoy peace and not blush.
Endure the trials, as they will make you grow
Negate quick decisions, made out of fear
Concentrate on Jesus so you do not blow
Embrace the patience and you will see clear.

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Lay your life down for someone else,
Organise it to be a blessing for them
Value what the Lord gives you through them
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Flesh has power but you can dominate it
Acknowledge that you can always go further
Surrender body to the will of spirit
Try with the Lord and succeed together
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Weigh His amazing love in your life
Offer Him all your heart in response.
Rest in Him, tied like husband and wife
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Prepare your heart to receive His word
Rejoicing, thanking Him for His goodness
Ask and receive for He is the Lord
Yes, he has come to answer and bless.
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