Fully forgiven 2/2

Then, the bible records humanity’s ups and down following Adam & Eve’s disobedience. God could have said: “Well, this did not work out, I’m just gonna destroy everything and start another brand new humanity.” but he did not.

Instead he stuck with his creation, having chosen a day where everything will become new. God is love so even if he was angry against his creation, he chose to forgive us and to reconcile humanity to himself…..

Fully forgiven 1/2

Praise the Lord! We are fully forgiven there is charge against us.
Someone might say: “I have not done anything wrong, why should I be forgiven. Forgiven for what?”

Well! You are not on your own on this earth because you chose to come to this earth. You are on this earth because because you have been sent. You did not choose you birth day, or you parents, or the country in which you were going to be born, do you?

Lesson of forgiveness

It was hidden! I had a “friend” that I will call Giovanni for confidentiality purposes. We went to school together for three years in the Caribbean and we used to mess around together. I mean, a lot! Like every human being┬ámy natural tendency was to do evil and Giovanni was helping me to translate┬áthis natural […]

Holy meetings

We started well Once I was born again, I had a strong desire to be with believers, to talk about scriptures and pray in a corporate way. What I was doing in church was not enough for me. And my best friend Norbert had given his life to the Lord around the same period and […]