Maria’s Auntie

The Lord’s agents

I was born again and so delighted! My girlfriend came back to the Lord as well and we got married two months after our repentance.

I was then a child of God but also a husband. A few months later I felt the need to make some progress in my career so I can support my wife as she was still studying. I was also thinking about having children so I enrolled in an IT evening class in the attempt to boost my career. Continuer de lire « Maria’s Auntie »

My soul rejoices

Inside of me

And my soul shall rejoice in the LORD; It shall exult in His salvation. Psalm 35:9

Like the psalmist, my soul rejoices because the Spirit of God lives inside of me.

My soul is full of joy and peace and love and patience and faith and gentleness and meekness and self-control and goodness.

The fruit of the spirit is inside of me. Here in my spirit where God dwells. Where the Father has established his presence.

Yes, the Father himself lives inside of me, in my spirit, and my soul rejoices.

My soul rejoices because my soul sees the fullness of God being poured out into my soul.
My soul rejoices because my emotions are dominated by the love of the Heavenly Father.
My soul rejoices because the peace of God is an everlasting peace and continually flows into my soul. Continuer de lire « My soul rejoices »