Turn it on!

It’s time to tell doubt to go away from you. Command it to go and not to come back! Tell him that you will not listen to his lies anymore. Doubt is a spirit that brings confusion to the human mind. He is floating around us every day and tries everything he can to get into our minds.

Once he is in, he is in charge of your mind and of your life.
He is a spy, working for his master the devil and reports back to him everything you do.

His aim is to keep you away from the truth. His aim is to make sure you always stay in darkness because he and his master cannot stand the light.

They chose to live in darkness and they became enemies of the light. They found refuge in you because the light was not shining in you. The light IS in you but you did not turn the light on. Turn it on! Turn it on now! No reason to wait anymore.

Turn the light on and doubt will flee in a wink.

Trust the Lord Jesus who lives in you by his spirit and you will experience his supernatural peace and deep joy. Today you will experience all this as you put faith in those words. Those words are not human words but they are spirit and truth, coming at you to give you freedom.

Turn the light on! Only you have the power to do this.

Start leaving today!

guiYome 🙂

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