The Fourth Man

They were four in the fire. They were all loose in the fire but the fourth man looked like a son of the gods. This fourth man was different. He had something that was jumping at the eyes of all those who were watching.

The fourth man had not been thrown in the fire but he appeared there. He joined the other three in the midst of the furnace.
The three men belonged to the earth, they were humans like any other. Humans who had been found guilty for not obeying the rules…human rules.

The three men were sentenced to death because they dared to resist the king of the land. They could see beyond their physical senses and they could see by faith, another land, another kingdom, another King.

They made this irrational decision to despise their physical lives in order to yield to their spiritual ones. They decided to leave everything behind: families, friends, lands, possessions so they can grasp the invisible. So they can experience the unknown but yet so well known inside of them. They had an idea of what the fourth man could be but they had never met Him through their five senses.
They had heard stories about Him, they knew how he delivered their people from the slavery in Egypt.

They knew how with a mighty hand He opened the Red Sea. How He led their ancestors in the desert for forty years. They had heard about Him but they did not know Him.

They did not know Him but, front of the king of the land, they had an opportunity to get to know Him better…and they were not deceived.

The fourth man is waiting for you to come to Him. He has been there for ages and He is waiting for you.
James says to rejoice when all kind of trials or tribulation come your way…I understand why now. Trials, challenges, difficulties are only set pieces opportunities for you to meet with the fourth man.

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