It is I

Jesus Is

But he said so them, “It is I; don’t be afraid”. John 6:20

Praise the Lord!

The disciples were in a boat struggling because of a strong wind and rough waters. Jesus was not in the boat, it was dark and they were terrified when they saw someone walking on the water toward them.

I love this picture! Seeing Jesus walking in perfect peace in the midst of strong wind and rough waters. He is our Saviour, our Lord, our God.

He is Master of All !!!!!
He is so powerful!
He is above all things!
He is in charge!
He Is.

That’s enough to make our day, only to know that the Holy One, the Lord Jesus, King of kings, lives inside of us. Wowww!!!

What are you afraid of ?

The Great I am

The Great I AM lives inside of you, don’t you think he is close enough to be aware of everything going on in the inside of you ?

Don’t be afraid but instead talk to him. Even a whisper would be enough and you will hear him telling you: “Don’t be afraid, I am with you! It is I”.

The Great I AM is also everywhere, don’t you think he is powerful enough to calm the storm of issues around or the rough waters of struggles that you face every day ?

It may finances issues or health problems or emotional pains or family conflicts or whatever troubles you face right now…..You name it. It’s not too hard for the Lord.

It is I

He did not say it is Jesus or it is your master but it is I.

There is a sense of intimacy here. The disciples were close to his heart and he knew them perfectly.

You are close to his heart.

They did not know Him as He knew them and He was revealing himself to them progressively.

You don’t know as He knows you but he is revealing himself to you progressively.

When I call my wife from a different phone number and I say: “It is I” when she picks up the phone. She knows straight away who is talking to her. We have been together for a long time and we got to know each other progressively.

Jesus knows you perfectly and He wants you to focus on Him.

Take you eyes off the storm and off the rough waters and focus on “It is I”, the Most High.

You are blessed in Christ.

Keep going, you are doing good!

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High



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