Exit Door

Why are you torturing yourself?

Asking yourself this question it’s opening the door to exit.

Behind this exit door lie so many enjoyable things waiting for you. Infinite joy, everlasting peace, eternal freedom, incomparable love…

Why are you torturing yourself?

I understand this work situation with your colleague. You would love to have wings and escape right now. You are not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but you have bills to pay and you feel you have no other option. You feel you are stuck!

It’s hurting, big time inside of you.

This cocktail of feelings with a base of disappointment holding a layer of bitterness, the all sinking in a big dose of injustice keeps you tormented.

They don’t understand you. I know! I have been there. They did not understand me either.

And I was tortured, just as you are right now. I was miserable not because of what they did to me, but because I did not know there was an exit door.

Today you can grab this door handle, press and push.

This place of extravagant peace and joy is not too far from you. In fact it could not be closer. It’s so close that many people miss it everyday and remain in emotional tortures.

But if you are still reading at this point, you are certainly about to experience what is behind this door.

This place of unmatching love and total acceptance is in you. You carry it every day of your life since the beginning of your journey on earth.

Take a breath and listen! You are fully loved, fully accepted, fully righteous not because of your performance but because His; the One who created you.

He created every aspect of your being in tremendous love. You are not an accident but the fruit of a desire. You creator created you because he wanted you. He chose your character, your eyes colour, your passions, your family, your country, your year, month and date of birth.

He prepared your venue on earth and equipped you with all that you need so you can seek Him and eventually find Him.

You went through many challenges and He was always there with you to help you carry on. Deep inside of you, you know it!

Today you can enjoy an amazing re-union. Yes re-union because you were already united to Him before coming to earth.

Now is the time! Embrace the relationship again. Let His amazing love overwhelm you and his incredible peace fully clothe you. His love large like the ocean and his peace is more powerful than silence.

Stay there. You don’t need to go back in this noisy part of you where worries are in charge and tortures are business as usual.

You can stay in this refuge for He is your refuge. A strong tower and no one can find you in Him. No one can hurt you anymore for you are hidden and at peace.

Your mind will be trying to get you back to the noise but you don’t have to obey. You can chose to stay at peace.

Your external circumstances are still the same but your mind has changed its focus. Now you are focusing on peace and joy, joy and peace are overflowing in all your being.

You will go back to the usual things, take the bin out, have a shower and dress to go to work but you will do those things without oppression and torture.

Tomorrow you will still go to work but you will a different person inside.

Now you are walking in freedom. Stay in freedom. Stay in this overwhelming joy and peace.

Dwell in me and I will dwell you. Jesus in John 15:4

Remain in the love my friend

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High

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