Dividing wall

Once upon a time a Creator with his creature
Were living peaceful life in a wonderful nature
Joy and love were flowing out of their relationship
There was only one rule to maintain their good fellowship

Soon, the creature began to doubt
An evil thought came to his mind
Made him think he was blind

He thought that something was missing out
Knowledge to unbind,
Opportunities in every kind

He thought a little while about relationship…
He knew his decision would break it all
He was about to hinder their fellowship
He closed his eyes and chose the dividing wall

Four thousand years later, another man came to earth
His purpose was precise, his mission was clear
He knew he would be hated, he knew he would suffer,
Persecuted by men from the date of his birth

But he grew in wisdom, in power and in grace
Doing good to every men,
Restoring lives that were broken

He taught a new way, a new life to embrace
He had nothing to gain,
But our lives free of chain

In the garden, he cried and thought about relationship
He knew his decision could fix it all
He remembered heaven and the amazing fellowship
He chose the cross and destroyed the dividing wall

You are not divided anymore but united with Christ.

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High

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