Fully forgiven 1/2

Praise the Lord! We are fully forgiven, there is no charge against us.
Someone might say: “I have not done anything wrong, why should I be forgiven. Forgiven for what?”

Well! You are not on this earth by accident. You are on this earth because you have been sent. You did not choose your birth day, or your parents, or the country in which you were born, did you?

You are on earth because you have been sent by God for a mission. All the creation including humanity have been created by God. Created by God for a purpose: Glorify Him. Reveal Him to All!

All those on earth and all those in heaven. He wants to reveal His love to all the hosts on this earth and in the heavens.

This mission had started very well, when Adam and Eve were in the garden. They were at peace, enjoying each other, enjoying the creation that God had made for them. Then came the enemy who wanted to exalt himself above God and still pursues his wicked mission today. The deceiver threw a seed of lie toward Eve and we know the rest of the story. Both Adam & Eve believed the lie and separated themselves from God.

As soon as they believed in the lie, they became slaves to their natural senses. They lost their spiritual connection. Why? Because God is fully Holy. Adam and Eve’s disobedience created like a barrier between them and their creator.

To illustrate this point, follow this example. If you take a glass of water and you pour out cooking oil in it, you will see after a little while that the oil will be separated from the water. The oil will be at the top and the water below. They seemed to be mixed together but the truth is that they were never mixed because they have different nature.

Before the disobedience, God and men were “One unit“: the water. When Adam & Eve disobeyed, they became oil, with a different nature that could not be in unity with God anymore.

We would be in trouble is the story was ending there.

But it continues tomorrow…

Ponder on this today!


guiYome 🙂

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