Wrong perceptions

Wrong perceptions will lead us to wrong conclusions.

All the information we get from the physical world around us is processed by our mind which is the place of conception of our beliefs.

For example, some people, when they see the rain outside, automatically think that they need an umbrella, a raincoat or they think they need to take the car.

Others like farmers think about their crops and rejoice. Fishermen might think they are going to have a hard day.

What is true to us might not carry the same level of truth to another.

What happens many times is we think a certain way about something and we assume that everybody thinks the same way.

This seems so obvious for most of us but we all have a different way to perceive things.

Not only this, but depending on our backgrounds, beliefs, failures, or successes, we all have areas in our lives where we have been believing in a lie. And because we believe in a lie, our perception is biased.

Have you not noticed that when you are convinced of something, you will find many proofs to confirm what you believe?

The real problem is not what do you perceive but what do you believe? If you believe that someone is a bad person, whatever nice thing they do or say, you will not see it. You will not see it until you are ready to change what you believe about this person.

Notice also that some people when they talk, they always seem to see the empty part of the glass. Is not the full part equally filled to 50%? So why?

Change what you believe and what you see will change as well.

Enjoy the view today.

guiYome 🙂

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